Our Story

Every life has a story to be told

Our Story

Browning Funeral Home has been serving Evansville area families for over 65 years. We are honored to be a part of the rich history of this community and plan to be a part of it for many years to come.

Browning Funeral Home 2019

Mr. Browning Serves in US Navy in WWII

Mr. & Mrs. Browning in Mortuary School on GI Bill in Cleveland, Ohio

Browning Funeral Home opens in 1954

Charles Browning, Owner

Mr. Browning with his 1st hearse in 1954

Browning Funeral Home Ambulance Business 1955

Browning Funeral Home Ambulance Business 1955

Browning Children 1958

Browning Children in 1960 Outside of Browning Funeral Home

Charles Hiram and Mayme Browning, parents of Charles Browning

Roy E DeWitt Vice President of Credit Thrift

Roy and Marie DeWitt, parents of Dolores Browning

Jeannie Browning 2nd generations joins the funeral home in 1982

Mr Browning reciting poem at cemetery

Father-Daughter Team

Mrs. Browning Gathering Life Stories

Mrs. Browning writing Life Stories

Mr. Browning's Life work in Genealogy

Mr. and Mrs. Browning, Our Founders

Intoducing the Third Generation 1996

Mr Browning and Jacob Browning Hester

Jeannie Browning Hester, Owner since 2003

Charleen Browning Spear, Author-Life Stories

Dolores DeWitt Browning, Our Founder

Charles Browning, Our Founder

Introducing Our Third Generation
Jacob Browning Hester 2019

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