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Why Plan Ahead

Serving families through our funeral planning program is a privilege and pleasure, because together we help family members in ways that will one day be deeply appreciated. Over the years, we have met with many survivors whose difficult time was made easier because a loved one gave the priceless gift of an advance funeral plan.

Many things are uncertain and hard to plan for, but a funeral or cremation arrangement is the only thing that we are 100% sure of needing. Peace of mind comes to those who plan early, as well as to those who benefit from such a gift in the future.

In Person
Call to make an appointment to meet with Michelle Gerhardt, whether you are wanting to preplan a celebration of life or just have a few questions about our services. Michelle would love to set up a time to meet with you and take away any uncertainty or anxiety you may have about preplanning a celebration of life. Her warm smile and loving spirit will make you feel right at home.

Click Here to fill out information online and someone will be in contact with you soon.